The Web of Life….

Ecosystems can be small, like a pond or large, like a forest. These are crucial to every living creature, providing them with water, food, shelter. They also provide planet-wide benefits like climate and biodiversity protection. But in recent decades, humanity’s greed and hunger for resources has pushed many ecosystems to the breaking point. We are losing and destroying the only means of our survival at an alarming rate.

All over the world, ecosystems face massive threats. Forests are being cleared which provide a habitat for 80% of the world’s animals and birds; rivers and lakes being polluted; cities and towns seems like ecological deserts; coasts and oceans being degraded and over fished; farmlands and grass-lands being over exploited; mountain soils being eroded, many glaciers have vanished; and wetlands and peat lands and their massive stores of carbon and water are being drained.

But this degradation is not inevitable. Ecosystem restoration is the way to recover degraded or destroyed ecosystems, as well as conserving the ecosystems that are still intact. We have the power, technology and the knowledge to reverse the harm and restore the Earth — only if we act now. Restoration initiatives can be launched by almost anyone, from governments

and development agencies to businesses, communities and individuals. That is because the causes of degradation are many, and can have an impact at different scales.

So let us get involved –


Get informed, understand and share,
Know your local ecosystems and be aware….
Know the drivers and reasons of degradation,
Let’s move together, towards ecosystem restoration….
Know and use your strength and resources,
As an individual, Youth groups, business skills or maybe experiences….
Set goals and measure progress along with upgrading your own self, And Help nature heal itself…..
Choose your ways of restoration,
Help protect planet for future generation….
Follow the three ’R’, live green and light,
Use your vote correct and eat right….
Raise your voice, it’s time to start,
Let’s join our hand and play our part…..


Group of youth from Greenpeace India, wanting to create an impact and combat climate change. Facts || Low-waste Aternatives || Mindfulness || Aids